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Theme & Sub Theme

Giving is important element of our Lives , More so for HR leaders to set an example along with their peers within the organisation to Give : To give their best - to give their time to juniors to mentor them - coach them and Guide them to a Future . Organisations of today must build their Future by building "Purpose " to their Vision statements ; To the Mission of the organisation and to the value that they can derive by building a purpose to their approach. This will improve organisational Effectiveness . And in turn build a conscience driven company.

Leaders in conscience driven companies lead more effectively into building Trust and resilience . This makes the organisation more agile and improves its Competitive ability . When competitive ability improves - the organisation is more ready to build Future Leaders . These Leaders "rock " the workplace and make it affable with teams.

PURPOSE REPRESENTS "why" an organisation or a brand is in business…… And Purpose led organisations are increasingly cited as having the formula for cultural and financial success. As the prevalence of Purpose - led companies and brands increases; to what degree are these organsizations really ready to deliver on their purpose promise.?

Sub Theme

Integration / Infusion of Peace Curriculum

Measurement / Impact Assessment of Education on Peace

Security, Transitional Justice and Sustainable Peace

Environmental Security, Resource Management and Sustainable Development

Interventions and Peace Building

Peace through Arts, Culture, Tourism & Health